Daruma is a round doll head, that has no arm, no legs, and no pupils.

(I know-sounds a little creepy?)  BUT it’s for Good Luck!

Legend says that the Zen monk prayed for enlightenment for 8 years, staring at a blank wall.  As a result he lost use of his arms and legs.  The daruma is connected with the saying, “Seven times down, Eight times up.”

When you get a daruma doll you should make a wish, and color in one pupil.  (Usually the right pupil first).  When your wish comes true, draw in the other pupil, indicating you have seen your wish come true!

It is traditional to give someone a daruma when they are starting a new venture; usually a new business.  But today, you can give a daruma to anyone who has a dream, to give them motivation to see it come true!

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