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As many may or may not know-our company Tajimi USA Inc., was started in Los Angeles, CA back in Oct 1981.  Now, over 25 years later-we have expanded to our retail stores Utsuwa-No-Yakata and our web site www.tokiusa.com.  Utsuwa-No-Yakata locations have been successful in many different parts of the USA, and Canada, and we even had 2 in London, but sadly our UK location had to close due to area re-development issues.

The mail order department started at www.utsuwa.com back in Oct. 1999, but due to popularity and wanting to expand the site even more, such as with this blog and other features-we have changed to www.tokiusa.com.   The mail order department has wanted to give the opportunity for those not living near any of our retail stores-a chance to also own beautiful Japanese tableware at a great price.  Thanks to our loyal mail order customers, our department has grown and grown and we hope to bring even more to our new site!

So if you are a new customer, or just browsing, you might be shocked at the prices.  Many of our visitors at the stores and web site are surprised, and at first not even believing that the products could not have come all the way from Japan, and being sold at such incredible low prices.  How do we do it?  The major part of it is, is that we purchase in a huge abundance directly from the factories in Japan, AND we have our own import / export company in Japan-so with all of these savings, we pass that right to our customers!  People who come from Japan are even surprised about the prices-how can we sell at almost the same price as they sell in Japan?!  That part is the quantity that we purchase!  Not many retailers in Japan even purchase the quantity that we purchase!  Our company president’s goal was to always get good quality Japanese tableware into the hands of those outside of Japan at a great price.

Now over 25 years later-have we changed?  A little bit perhaps.  We have found many other places to purchase similar quality products, or products not necessarily from Japan but compliment our products as well that we wanted to share.

Mostly everything in our locations are still directly from Japan, aside from a few home decor items and such that we might purchase locally within the USA as well.  Many people are concerned about lead content etc., in tableware, but no one is more concerned about it than us!  After all, we not only sell the product, but we ourselves use them also!  The FDA and Customs are very strict and nothing is released from our containers without their OK.  In actuality, the FDA in Japan is even more strict, so the items that are released with an OK in the USA, are actually quite safe being that they are tested both in Japan as well as in the USA.

So we hope that you enjoy browsing at our stores, or on our web site.  And if you ever have any questions, or requests, please feel free to email customerservice@tokiusa.com anytime!  Thank you and please enjoy our web site and stores!


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