How To Serve Hot Sake

Sake is a non-carbonated, fermented rice wine with about 15 ~ 17% alcohol content. It contains no sulfites, and premium sake is free of any additives and preservatives as well.sake-pour

The best way to heat sake is by placing your sake bottle in a pot of water that has been heated until it is almost boiling. The amount of time spent heating varies depending on how warm you would like it to be.

1. Pour water into a small pot ( up to about half)
2. Pour sake into a sake bottle (NOT GLASS!) about up to the neck of the bottle and place the entire bottle into the pot.
3. Heat the pot of water until it just about boils.
4. Once the water is boiled, turn the heat low.sake-warming
5. After about 5 minutes, pick up the sake bottle. If the bottle is warm, it is ready to be served. Use caution when touching the bottle!

Generally, warm sake shoudl be about 104 degrees F, and a good visible cue to judge this is to look into the sake bottle at the sake. If bubbles well up on the sides of the bottle, but do not rise, the sake is warm; if the bubbles rise, then the sake is hot.

You can also use a microwave to heat sake (ONLY those that are microwave safe of course), but you can run the risk of boiling it accidentally, which could spoil the flavor of the sake.
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